Award Winning Magician & Mentalist

Award Winning Magician & Mentalist

Award Winning Magician & Mentalist

Award Winning Magician & Mentalist

Award Winning Magician & Mentalist

Award Winning Magician & Mentalist


Duncan Swan, Magician in London.

Duncan Swan is a very talented magician from Stanmore, Middlesex, London. The captivating magic of Duncan Swan is extremely powerful whether doing close-up or stage and he will always leave his audience wanting more.

Using his unique engaging style, interacting with his audience, his magical abilities will stun you. Mixed with laughter, amazing magic and mindreading, you yourself will feel the star.

Winner of close-up and comedy awards his warm friendly approach creates a cheerful atmosphere bringing people together for a magical experience never to be forgotten.

Travelling to over forty countries performing in large auditoriums, private parties, clubs, restaurants and weddings, Duncan will make sure you will have an unforgettable magical evening with everlasting memories.


Weddings are a joyous occasion when two people become joined together in matrimony and will always be a day to remember. Magic at a wedding is unique and exclusive which certainly adds to the atmosphere and memories of the day.

Duncan’s style as a world class magician is always approachable, warm and friendly showing incredible magic always leaving his audience speechless along with that ‘wow’ factor. He is pure, clean entertainment with magic that can transform any atmosphere into amazement and laughter in just a moment.

Whether you choose close-up, stage or both you’ll be guaranteed to add stardom to the day bringing people together for a magical experience they’ll never forget.

Close Up Magic

Duncan Swan is a U.K. based award winning Close-Up Magician who performs a unique blend of sleight-of-hand trickery mixed with eye popping visual effects and Mind-Reading. The many comments he’s had are; ‘we’ve seen it on television but not up close like this’ and ‘I thought it was all camera tricks but wow it’s for real’.

His close-up magic is really ‘up close’ and personal using audience participation making you feel part of the magic. His warm, funny, yet energetic personality will transform any event whether it’s close-up magic performing table to table, walk around situations, corporate events, private parties or weddings you will not regret hiring one of the U.K.’s most respected close-up magicians.

Private Functions

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On Stage

Duncan’s stage magic and Mentalism is world class leaving you with an evening you’ll never forget. Using psychological influences and reading minds with a unique blend of visual magic, Duncan always leaves his audience wanting more.

Interacting with people using audience participation throughout makes it funny but still maintaining that magical experience keeping you wondering ‘how did he do that’. Winner of a comedy award as well as a close-up magic award, his stage magic act will transform your evening where you yourself can become the star.



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